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Here you will have access to all the Promotional Materials To Promote the Mpm Course Effectively and also the AFFILIATE SALES CHALLENGE 

The AFFILIATE SALES Challenge Details

The Challenge Begins on the 20th of March 2023 andEnds on the 20th of JUNE And for as low as 10 Sales You Have a Cash Prize Waiting For You


10 Sales  -  N30,000

25 Sales  -  N70,000

50 Sales  -  N150,000

100 Sales  -  N320,000

150 Sales  -  N450,000

200 Sales  -  N600,000

300 Sales  -  N1,000,000

A single individual can win more than one of these challenges but you have to crush the 300 sales challenge to qualify to win another challenge within the time frame.

Eg: lets say you win the 300 sales challenge then you made another 50 sales, that means you won two challenges

Also note that the challenge is available for all affiliate platforms and sales made from different platforms will be counted together

For instance if you make 25 sales on selar and 25 on Digitstem, it will be counted together as 50.

Also it doesn't matter how many people meet the target for this challenge because anyone that makes up to  10 sales  will be rewarded regardless of how many people that made it too

On No account should you Try to Associate together with another affiliate to win any of the sales Challenge once you are caught you forfeit the chance to win any of the sales challenge

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