After Generating Consistent  7-Figures Monthly From the 5 Paypal Business Model

Africa's No. 1 Most Sought-after Paypal Expert  Popularly known as Mayor Concept has Decided to Reveal The NEW WAY to Easily Create a Strong and  Verified Paypal Account that can Send, Receive and Make international payments, Anywhere in the World

And also Show You How You can Turn This into A Business That Can Profit You A  Minimum of N300,000 to N450,000 in a Month

After LOSING  Over $1000 Due to Paypal's Permanent Limitations and Restrictions 

I was able to discover a proven strategy to create strong and everlasting PayPal account that can send and receive money anywhere In the World.

  • No Immidiate Banning of Accounts
  • No Temporary or Permanent Account Limitatios
  • No Restrictions 
  • No Chargeback issue
  • Get Your Account Fully Verified
  • Send and Receive Funds Easily Both  Locally and internationally 
  • Make Online Payment and International Transactions
  • Make Money Doing it for Others

Are you a Freelancer, CPA or CPC Affiliate Marketer, Graphics Designer, Copywriter, Business Owner or Web Designer Struggling To Create a Verified PayPal Account?

Are You Tired Of Creating Multiple PayPal Accounts That PayPal will Block Upon Creation or After Receiving Funds?

Are You Looking for a Way to Receive Money Anywhere in the World and Withdraw it to Your Local Bank at the Current Black Market Rate without leaving the Comfort of Your Home?

Or Do you want to Leverage on the 5 PayPal Business Model That has been Making Me and My Students Millions Of Naira For over 2 Years

If You Belong to Any of these Categories Above Then This  is a "MUST READ" For You

On This page you are going to DISCOVER The Secret i Used that SAVED me from the Evil whips of PayPal to Nigerians and other RED FLAG African Countries 

Introducing Mayor Paypal Mastery Course (MPM)

This is Full Blown Video Course Created By the Most Sought After Africa's PayPal Expert to Bypass All Paypal's Restrictions and limitations and also create a proven Passive income that can generate 6-7 Figures Monthly For You Easily with Your Smartphone

Who is He? And why Should I Listen to Him?

Hi, My Name is Olaosun Mayowa Abdul-qoyyum, Popularly known as Mayor Concept, I'm a Digital Enterpreneur, I offer my Skill as a Service, I Have Trained and Impacted the Lives of Several individuals just like you who are now Financially independent as a result of my impact in their lives

You Do Not take my Word for it? Hear From some of my Students...

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More Testimonies From My Students

Over 1Milllion Naira Bagged with the course

Over N800,000  Naira Made and still Counting

N500,000  Naira Just in a Month

Over N500,000  Naira also bagged

I was once a Struggling Broke Undergraduate Before I Discovered The 5 PayPal Business Model

Before Discovering the 5 PayPal Business Model I was totally a Broke and Struggling Undergraduate depending on my Poor parent for my Feeding and Personal Upkeep and  and Friends for Urgent 2k's, I Grew Tired of My Situation and Tried Seeking for a Passive income to Support my parents, I was involved in a lot of Ponzi Schemes Before I finally Discovered this 5 PayPal Business Model.. I was  able to achieve my Goal By Supporting parents and lifting a heavy Burden that's on their Shoulders, I Moved into a new Apartment, also got my parents new Apartments and the rest is History

I deeply know Deep in My heart that there are also lot of Nigerians and Africans that are currently in the situation that I was in before, I have helped over 500 people Achieved Finacial Freedom and I've Raised Millionaires In Just Few Months of Showing them the 5 PayPal Business Model.

If you are Reading this I want you to affirm in your heart that your struggling Days Are over and Your Financial Breakthrough is Near, However All these Prayer can only come to Reality only if You take the Right Action

This Aim of Helping Serious People that are Desperate to Achieve Financial Freedom Alongside with solving the Problem Nigerians Ecounter when Creating Or Using PayPal Has Actually Led to the Creation of MPM COURSE

How Does The 5 PayPal Business Model Works?

 Model 1

You simply learn How to Create a Verified PayPal Account and Render it as a Service and Charge 5k-20k Per each account, depending on the type of account you are creating for your client, I charge 10k - 50k to create Verified PayPal Account, This Model is what I call Small Work Big Money!, because to create this accounts does not take longer than 5-minutes and its easy and Straightforward once you learn from the Best, Below are  Few Screenshots Of Me and My Students Receiving Payment for Creating a Verified PayPal Account.

You will be taught How to Create all types of Verified PayPal Account and Render it as a Service and you get to Charge 5k-20k Per each account, depending on the type of account you are creating for your client, All you need to make  50k daily is to create just 5 Accounts, if you make that consistently in a month that is whooping N1.5m,

You're probably Wondering How we Are  Making Such Profits Within The Shortest Time Possible?

Here's The Reason

Tens Of Thousands Of Nigerians Are Ready To Pay You To Create Strong Paypal Accs For Them If You Learn & Master PayPal Creation.

Why are they ready to pay you & who are they?

1.Freelancers Who Can Only Receive Payments For The services they render only through PayPal (Not having a PayPal acc make them end up losing a lot of money)

2.Tik Tok Influencers Who Can Only withdraw their tik tok gifts using PayPal else they lose it.

3.Business owners who can only receive payments from their foreign customers using PayPal else they keep losing profits if they don't have one

4.People who have friends & family in foreign countries who wants to send them money regularly but unable to receive it due to not having PayPal accs

5.People who make profits from helping others receive payments from foreign countries (Exchangers)

6.Salary Earners i.e people who receive salary from the foreign companies they work for using PayPal. Etc.

Imagine having the cure to COVID back then in 2020 and you have the ability to make tons of it and keep selling to those who need it badly to solve their Problems??

Imagine how rich you would become from Selling it, Due to the fact that you have your large market who are in need of what you know how to do & also they are willing to pay you for it

How Exactly Do You Get Customers Daily

You Won't Be Chasing Customers, We don't do that Here. We simply attract and that's exactly what I'll be teaching you how to do the same way I taught All those who shared testimonials.

Imagine a very good medical doctor or barber chasing you, telling you he's so good at what he does and you should allow him treat you whenever you have health issues or let him cut your hair whenever you need a haircut

Will you take such persons seriously..NO !!!

People respect what you do and will be willing to pay you if they were the ones who came to you by themselves as a result of You Attracting them instead of chasing, This Same Strategy is what my students implement immediatelyand Get Result.

Luckily I will Be showing you the same  secret and strategies I use to get minimum of 5 Customers Daily 

 Model 2

Arbitrage (Buying of Funds at a Low rate and Withdrawing at A High Rate) There is "NO LIMIT" to what you can earn with this Daily (20k, 50k, 100k in fact If you do it well you can earn millions with it in a Day).  All you need is a Platform that you can buy Dollars from without limit and a Card or Virtual Bank to withdraw at the Black Market Rate

So where do we Get this Two?

Fortunately I will be Revealing To You in mpm Course a Platform I Use to Buy Funds at a Very Low Rate

And also you will be Given a  Premium Card and a Us Virtual Bank that Allows you to Withdraw at the Current Black Market Rate for Free!

 Model 3

The third model  of earning with PayPal is Amazing, With this alone, you can have as much as N300,000+ with just a deal You become a full fledged Dollar Exchanger
It is similar to Arbitrage  but it is different from arbitrage Because You are Not Buying Funds Rather You are Helping someone to withdraw  funds And you charge them For it And Also The Gain Margin is higher than that of Arbitrage

Below Are some testimonial from my students implementing this Third model

 Model 4

Fourth model is By helping people pay their bills.
They want to pay for university fee,
They want to pay for  a supplier online.
They want to pay for anything online (Fiver,upwork e t.c.)
You help them pay and have your gain.

 Model 5

By creating debit cards for people

Creating the  Foreign US virtual Bank For people 

Service charge on debit card is N10,000 to N20,000.

I don't go below N10,000 on this.

Even though I have some students of mine that do collect 15k-20k for this model alone, check the testimony below



  • My 5 working business models on PayPal monetization Skill and how me and my students have used them to generate  MILLIONS Within Few months This Is Valued at N100,000
  • How to create a strong verified PayPal account (Us, Uk, Serbian and other Verified Countries) that can send and receive funds from any part of the world to use as an Exchanger, High paid Freelancer or CPA Affiliate Marketer without Blocking and Limitation Worth N50,000
  • How to Create a strong Virtual Us Bank Account that let's you withdraw at Black Market Rate so you make a lots of profit more than you are currently As an Exchanger and also make more profit as a Freelancer Worth N50,000
  • How to Link Your Card to Your PayPal Account and How to Confirm The Card immediately to Enable it for Withdrawal
  • Full Arbitrage Course : Access to Platforms where you can buy Funds at low rate and withdraw at a Very High Rate Worth N30,000
  • Step by Step guide on how to get a Dollar card that allow You to Withdraw Instantly from PayPal and You Exchange at Black Market Rate (This is the BEST card for Withdrawal)
    You can also use this card to buy anything online or offline either in Your Country or abroad Without any limitation. Valued at N30,000
  • How to AVOID your Money getting stuck or blocked with PayPal using My “WBRA and RSBR method”.
    I know it hurt you when PayPal limit your Account and its very painful knowing that you'll have to wait for 6 months before you get Access to your funds when they block your Account.
    With my “WBRA and RSBR method”, your funds will never get stuck on PayPal again. Valued at N20,000
  • How to withdraw from your PayPal account and How to release Hold Funds in your PayPal account immediately worth N10,000
  • You will learn how to become a profitable exchanger. This guide alone cost N25,000
  • How to pull out Your PayPal funds out of a Temporary Limited PayPal account and a Premanenetly Limited PayPal Account Worth (N10,000)
  • How to avoid unnecessary charge backs From PayPal Valued at N5,000

Total Value = N330,000

Is that all? NO!

If you are Getting Started Right Away You will be Getting Access to My Sales library where you will be getting access to my Psychology of Sales on how to make people beg you with their money and how to sell anything to anyone anytime worth (N20,000)


You will also Get Acces to My Full Autoresponder Course Worth (N10,000) For Free!

Access to Full Blown Video Course on Facebook Ads (Worth N50,000) where you will learn

  • Accounts Needed for Facebook Ads
  • How to Create a Facebook Business Page
  • How to Create a Facebook Business Account
  • How to Create a Facebook Ad Account
  • Setting up Ad Account Payment Method
  •  How to Setup 2FA for Facebook Account
  • How to Create Engagement Ads
  • Facebook Ad Targeting
  • How to Create Traffic Ads
  • How to Duplicate Ad Sets
  • How to Create Lead Generation Ads
  • Installing Facebook Pixel
  • How to Create a Sales Ads
  • Custom Audiences, Lookalikes and Retargeting Ads
  • How to Create a Custom Audience
  • How to Create Retargeting Ads
  • How to Create Lookalike Audiences
  • Ad Performance, Optimization and Scaling
  • Ad Performance Boosters
  • Extra Resources and How to Handle Restrictions

Additional Bonuses For Fast Action Takers only!

  • You will get access to my prepared blueprint on WhatsApp marketing worth (N10,000)
  • You will learn the principle of traffic generation and how to turn them to leads worth (N15,000)
  • YOU Will gain access to my life changing ebook library worth (N105,000)
  • How to Download Premium apps for free!! Worth (N20,000)


Mpm course is worth more than N565,000, if I Charge you 100k To get access to all these it's still like a Giveaway, however  I really want to help those that want to help themselves

 The Registration Fee is Pegged at N50,000 

But for Fast Action Takers I will be Slashing the Price Fee to  N30,000 only for a Limited time, Which is Why you Have to Take Action Now!

You will also Be Getting Lifetime Access to My Mentorship which is priceless and this is  where i will hold you hand by hand till you make your first Million, You will also Gain Access to My life-changing Mentorship Group with Over 400 PayPal Expert to Relate and Grow With

See the Results Ordinary People LIKE YOU are Achieving with the Mpm Course

Frequently Asked Questions

About The COURSE

Can I use My Smartphone to Create a verified PayPal account?

Yes! You can Easily Create a Verified PayPal Account with Your Smartphone 

How do I See Client to Create Account For or to Render My Services to?

There are Millions of People that desperately Needs to Create a Verified PayPal Account or any of your services, What I will do in mpm Course is Show you how to reach this People Easily without leaving the Comfort of Your Room

Is there a Mentorship Group in Case of any Assistance is Needed

Yes! There is.

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