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Why do you need to promote the VEM Course instead of any other Digital product ? 🤷🏾‍♂

The Video Editing Niche is one of the most needed skills with little Expert/professionals in the field making it under served and less competitive 🥰🥰🥰

You will have access to the product creator who is a seasoned Top affiliate to show you the Road 🤗🤗🤗

YOU have all the world class promotional materials ready 😃😃😃

You have the battle field tested and money generating script 😎😎😎

The Problem of Lead Generation Has been Solved... This time Around you will generate Thousands of leads easily without spending too much on ads

Its time for You to swim in the pool of Naira and dollars Promoting The vem course🤩🤩

Dear Affiliates!

The Video Editing Mastery Course (Vem Course) is hosting one of its biggest AFFILIATE MARKETING CHALLENGE

And Guess what This will be lasting for a whooping of 100 Days!! And as little as 25sales you have a prize waiting for you! The Challenge will Start on

February 20th, 2023 and end on May 30th, 2023


25 sales

N25, 000

50 sales

N60, 000

75 sales

N85, 000

100 sales

N120, 000

150 sales

N200, 000

200 sales

N270, 000

300 sales

N400, 000

450 sales

N600, 000

A single individual can win more than one of these challenges but you have to crush the 450 sales challenge to qualify to win another challenge within the time frame.

Eg: lets say you win the 450 sales challenge then you made another 50 sales, that means you won two challenges

Also note that the challenge is available for all affiliate platforms and sales made from different platforms will be counted together

For instance if you make 25 sales on selar and 25 on Digitstem, it will be counted together as 50.

Also it doesn't matter how many people meet the target for this challenge because anyone that makes up to  25 sales  will be rewarded regardless of how many people that made it too

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Also note that if you are caught trying to win this challenge via fraudulent means, you would be disqualified.

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