Are you an Online Marketer, Physical Product Owner or an Affiliate Marketer Struggling to Create Eye-catchy, Stunning and Attention- Grabbing Videos For Your Brand or Product or the Product that You are Promoting?

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Do you know why Big Brands, Online Marketers and Physical Product owners are all Struggling To Create Professional Videos?

Since way back, before the internet became the mainstream, big companies and brands have been using videos as a means of marketing via Television Ads, and till now they have not stopped employing the use of videos on new media platforms.

99 out of 100 brands use videos to disseminate information about their Advert

From restaurants, Fashion houses, enterprises, banks, well structured organizations and big brands use video advert for wider reach.

Video engagement is 700 times higher than flyers. according to a statistics research 87.1 Billion Dollar was spent on video content production globally in the year 2021 it moved from 31.4 Billion in 2018 and within 3 years it has become 87.1 Billion and it keeps on going higher in net worth.

And this is the same reason why businesses and corporations are ready to pay video creators and editors huge amounts for every project.

This high demand/need for video creators will continue to increase as the internet and social media continue to dominate different sectors of our day-to-day/business activities.

As a business owner, Brand, Social Media Influencer

imagine the impact quality videos will have on the overall performance of your business.


As an individual, imagine the space you will create for yourself in the global market if you know how to create and edit videos like a pro.

I Charge 30k - 50k Just To Edit a 20 Sec Pro Video Advert

Just Take a Look at the Screenshots Below

This is a 40k upfront Payment received to Edit a 30-sec Video

Upon Completion of the Project the Balance was Paid...50k To Edit a 30-sec Video with My Smartphone

Not only me My students also makes 6-figures Monthly Creating and Editing professional Videos

In Fact Here is Carol Brown one of my students that was disappointed that he charged 15k for a 26-sec Video Thinking he could have charged more

In short Video Editing Mastery is a Course That is Built to Enhance And Beautify Your Brand increase Your Visibility and Steady Income

Here are Some of the Videos You will Be Learning How to Create in Video Editing Mastery

Stunning 3d Logo intro animations

Pro Video Advert

3d Animation and 2d Professional Whiteboard Animation

And many more

All these are just a Tip of an Iceberg from what you will be learning in Video Editing Mastery

But before I Go to that Here is What my students have to Say About Video Editing Mastery

Gospel ighalo From Edo State..VEM course Changed My life tremendously

Boniface Bitrus who was never a novice in Video Editing Became a Pro After taking the VEM COURSE

Adokuru precious was able to create Amazing Videos with The VEM Course

Tope jaji from ilorin kwara State became a Motion Graphic artist with the Video Editing Mastery Course

David Olorungbemi: The Video Editing Mastery course is fortified

This course is loaded  with well step by step practical videos that will teach you:

How To Create Stunning, Eye catchy, Compelling and Captivating Videos that will Grab the Attention of your Viewers with Your Smartphone

How to Design a 2D Logo and Model it into a Gorgeous 3D Mockup Logo to Strengthen, improve and Beautify Your Brand

How to Design Gorgeous 3d Intro and Outro Animation Videos for Your Brand, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page/Group, that will Grab the Attention of Your Audience

How to Create HD 3D Cartoon Animation Video with Different Characters

How to Add text and Effects to your videos to Make it More Attention Grabbing

How to Create a White Board Animation Plus Access to Over 50+ Templates

Key framing and Colour Combinations

How to Remove Background From any Image or Video And How to Replace it with Beautiful Ones

How to Easily Remove Watermark From any Video Without Paying A Dime

How To Create Professional and Promotional Video For Digital Products and Physical Products

How to Personally Record and Create Your own Video Course

How To Manually and Professionally Add Subtitles to Your Videos

How to Generate Auto-Caption / Auto Subtitles to Any Video In Less than a Minute

How to Create Advert Videos For Social Media Platforms

How to Animate Text and Shapes, How To Add Your Logo into any Video and Also Animate it

How to create clone videos (where you can shoot two videos with you appearing in it at the same time.

How to Cut, Edit and Merge Two or More Videos to Create a Stunning Outlook Using 3+ Pro App

How to Add Background Music and Sound Effects to Your Videos

Pro Text Tracking... How to Make Text Follow any object or Float on Any Object Automatically 😱

How to Create Presentation Slides With Your Smartphone, How to Record Your Presentation while Showing Yourself in the Video

How I record professional audios and voiceovers with my Smartphone (+ a video demonstrating how I record pro voiceovers on my bed)

How to act different characters with your voice and win the hearts of listeners

How to auto‐generate Voiceovers in American accent, British accent, Nigerian accent and more

How to remove background noise from your audios

How to insert your videos in a Smartphone frame and other appealing frames

How to compress your large video without losing its quality

How to Monetize Your Video Editing Skills!


How to attract clients and make quick money with your newly acquired skill

LIFETIME Access to My Mentorship Group To Access your Videos And Make Corrections Where Necessary

Materials on Video Creativity, Branding, Entrepreneurship and Many more

Certificate on The Completion of the Course and Many more!!


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All You will be Getting in this Video Editing Mastery is worth a Total of ($ 1200)

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